A downloadable game for Windows

This is my game : fish catchers, you play as a fisherman who wants to catch fish, however the more fish you catch, the more sharks get attached. Have fun, its for ludum dare

Here is the controls:
Right Mouse Button: A spear, you can attack sharks and fishes with this weapon
Left Mouse Button: A Harpoon, you can attack sharks and fishes, it is long range, but a bit slower
A = Move Left
D = Move Right
E = Fix Boat When the shark breaks it

EDIT: i accidentally scaled  the collider to big *facepalm*, i just released a quick patch, i think its ok because its just a visual thing. If you want to play the old version (nothing different except that the fisherman is floating), i left a old version
P.S: sorry if the ui is bad, but i had to rush it to get it in on time for ludumdare


FishCatchers[OldVersion].rar 11 MB
FishCatchers.rar 11 MB