A fast paced arcade game where you click to jump from spot to spot.
I would recommend you play a few games in easy mode first, then try the other difficulties

You  can press the mouse button on a blue square to move your snake to that square, after it reaches the square, it will also jump in the direction that you pressed.

the font is http://www.fontspace.com/buzzbum/first-attempt


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I like that you can get better in this game. Little frustrating to lose life when I'm not actually hitting anything. Maybe becuase the hit-boxes seem to be squares instead of triangles. Fun idea

Thanks for playing, and thanks for giving it a go :D


I was challenging but still fun to play :) I liked the streching animation ^^ Maybe you could make the snake blink when it's losing a life
I liked that each play was pretty short so you can try again and again !


Thank you for trying it, and thank you for the feedback :D


i died many times in easy mode! hehe! fun game! i like it!

Thank you so much :D